Islam’s Historicity & Ethiopia unfulfilled Promise Part II

Mobile University- This is a study of the role of state formation in Ethiopia

“Go to Ethiopia if you wish. There is a ruler there who does not torment anyone. It is a country of truthfulness and honesty. Stay there as long as Allah allows.”
The unfulfilled promise of Islam not to attack Ethiopia was broken 9 centuries after the founding father promised not to declare jihad.
In the 16 century an Adal Imam Mohammed Gragn took over the country and ruled for over 14 years by defeating the Kings of the time. He was supported by the Ottoman Turks the dominant imperial power of the time. His political religious ideology was Islam. We will be assessing the Origins of Islam and that of the Ottoman that brought down one of the ancient civilizations. How they defeated 1000 years old Byzantine rulers and took over Constantinople. Suleiman the Great in May 29, 1453 they has successfully transformed St. Sophia the Cathedral to a Mosque . At the same period thousands of years old Ethiopiav succumbed in the hand of Adal Imam of Somalian Coast known Gragn occupying 70% of the country. We will be trying to grasp in serious of video in Amharic, English and French that force which swept old civilizations in in very short time like a tsunami. And the Qur’anic story of the 1st Hajira to Ethiopia looking at the historicity of the verse and the Order of Muhammad to respect Ethiopia. Why it did not being respected ?

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