Why Mobile University ? Q&A

 Form whom is  of Mobile University Established  ?

For those Ethiopian refugees  in exile,

For others  nationals exiled from their home and wanted to continue their studies  studies interrupted due to conflict, and  

For those   who wanted to master the arts and sociology of Liberation through Education.

Why ans Where Mobile ?

The first course of Mobile university was given  in the border area of the two belligerence states of the Horn of Africa(Ethiopia and Eritrea), it was hard to  register students to normal form of education since one has to move place to place with no fixed address.

Today   with  age  advance of  IT traditional campus education will  in the near future  a story of the past.


What is the  objective  of Mobile University  ?

The main objectives is to teach the those  Ethiopians in exile and refugees camps who are not able to follow normal classes, thus to fill the missing gap and the lost years.

Do we get Degrees from Mobile University ?

Yes by finishing one course one can get a certificate, by accomplishing  four certificate and passing a written and oral examination he can get a degree after having 4 certificates from four different subject matter and writing dissertation.

Do we pay a Tuition fee ?

No.  Mobile University is free for all refugees and exiled diaspora students.  For working person there is  a registration  fee and  for unemployed it is free of charge too.

Does Mobile University  admission is strictly for refugees?

No, it is open for any student who is exiled from his country or  and  those  interested  continuing studying after stop or interrupted their studies due to personal reasons

How do no I register for Mobile University ?

Registration is  simple  and not complicated, one has just fill the enrollment form.

Is there limitation on the number of registration ?

No, since Mobile University has no campus it has no limitation on the number of students.

How long one takes  course  or Credit hours ?

One trimester   takes  12  hours  2  hour a week  one hour course one hour revision.

Like all  colleges and universities that operate on a regular semester system Mobile University follow the same principles with some modification. One credit requires 12 hours of class contact time for the trimester. This is typically broken down into two hour per week. Thus, a three credit course would require 36 hours of class contact time. A full-time student must enroll for a minimum of 1 credits per trimester   ( of class contact time per week for the trimester  ). The average student load is 1 credits per trimester . Very easy  and less class contact but more personal work and recherche, workshops …

Where Shall I take the course do you have a campus ?

Mobile University has no physical  campus.  All courses are given  through E-Learning methodology. Workshops and Seminars  are prepared in the area of refuge camps and  residents.

When Does the Course of Mobile University  starts ?

 First  trimester   1st weekend of  September and end  last weekend of  November.

Second   trimester   1st  week of January  end end of March .

Third   trimester     1st  week of May   to  end  July .

Months of  December, April & August are  vacations 

There are  three workshops, Three Seminars and Exam periods each  at the end of trimester 


1st trimester   end of    November 

Second  trimester    end of    March 

Third trimester  end of   July 


How Do  I folow the course ?

1. Through Internet 

2. Conference call 

3. Refugee Areas Temporary campus 

4. Workshops

5. Seminars